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Información sobre los Comités Técnicos y Divisiones de la Comisión

Division 1 – Vision and Color

Representante del CEI en la División 1 de la CIE: D. Manuel Melgosa

Technical Commitees

  • 1-76 Unique Hue Data
  • 1-81 Validity of formulae for Predicting Small Colour Differences
  • 1-83 Visual Aspects of Time-Modulated Lighting Systems
  • 1-84 Definition of Visual Field for Conspicuity
  • 1-86 Models of Colour Emotion and Harmony
  • 1-88 Scene Brightness Estimation
  • 1-89 Enhancement of Images for Colour Defective Observers
  • 1-91 Methods for Evaluating the Colour Quality of Whyte-Light Sources
  • 1-92 Skin Colour Database
  • 1-95 The Validity of the CIE Whiteness and Tin Equations
  • 1-96 A Comprehensive Model of Colour Vision
  • 1-97 Age and Field-Size-Parameterized Calculation of Cone-Fundamental-Based Spectral Tristimulus Values
  • JTC 01 (D1/D2/D4/D5) Implementation of CIE 191:2010 Mesopic Photometry in Outdoor Lighting
  • JTC 09 (D1/D2/D3/D6) CIE system for Metrology of ipRGC influenced light response
  • JTC 12 (D1/D2/D8) The measurement of sparkle and graininess
  • JTC 16 (D1/D8) Validity of Chromatic Adaptation
  • JTC 17 (D1/D2/D8) Gloss measurement and gloss perception: A framework for the definition and standardization of visual cues to gloss


Los “Reporters” son expertos que la División ha designado para que informen sobre asuntos de interés. Generalmente los reporters son el paso previo a establecer un comité técnico y dan idea de los temas candentes o de actualidad que todavía no han sido asumidos por la División para elaborar un documento técnico, pero podrían tener interés o impacto.

  • DR 1-60 Future colour-difference evaluation. Guihua Cui (PRC)
  • DR 1-62 Typical LED spectra. Sophie Jost (FR)
  • DR 1-63 Tristimulus Integration. Li Changjun (PRC)
  • DR 1-64 Real colour gamut. Li Changjun (PRC)
  • DR 1-66 The Effect of Dinamic and Stereo Visual Images on Human Health. Hiroyasu Ujike (JP)
  • DR 1-67 Revisiting Correlated Colour Temperature. Youngshin Kwak (KOR)
  • DR 1-68 A Gamut Area Measure and Colour-shift Graphic, Based on CIE 13.3-1995. Kees Teunissen (NL)
  • DR 1-69 Applicability of Metrics for Evaluating Reflected Glare  on Displays. Shao-Tang Hung (TW)

Division Publications

Últimas publicaciones:

  • CIE 230:2019 Validity of Formulae for Predicting Small Colour Differences 
  • CIE 015:2018 Colorimetry, 4th Edition
  • CIE 228:2018 Grey-Scale Calculation for Self-Luminous Devices

Event & News

  • 3rd Meeting of the Kwak Term
    Saturday 28th April 2018
    CPC Building, Taipei, Taiwan
  • December 7, 2018
    Looking for visual data for sparkle and graininess
    The CIE Joint Technical Committee JTC 12 (D1/D2/D8) “The measurement of sparkle and graininess” is discussing the definition of the measurement scales of sparkle and graininess. For this purpose, it is collecting visual data, which can be used for scaling or for devising texture difference formulae. Please, if you have obtained or you are planning to obtain visual data of sparkle and graininess and are willing to share them, or if you want to collaborate in the development of the measurement scales of sparkle and graininess, contact to the JTC 12 Chair, Alejandro Ferrero (ES)
  • La próxima reunión prevista de la División 1 será en Junio-2019 coincidiendo con el meeting general de la CIE (CIE Session) que tendrá lugar en Washington (USA).

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