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Información sobre los Comités Técnicos y Divisiones de la Comisión

Division 2 – Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation

Representante del CEI en la División 2 de la CIE: D. Joaquin Campos

Technical Committees

  • 2-29 Measurement of Detector Linearity
  • 2-50 Measurement of the Optical Properties of LED Assemblies
  • 2-51 Calibration, Characterisation and Use of Array Spectroradiometers
  • 2-59 Characterisation of Imaging Luminance Measurement Devices
  • 2-62 Imaging-Photometer-Based Near-Field Goniophotometry
  • 2-67 Photometry of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Road Vehicles
  • 2-68 Optical Measurement Methods for OLEDS used for Lighting
  • 2-69 CIE Classification Systems of Illuminance and Luminance Meters
  • 2-72 The evaluation of uncertainties in measurement of the optical properties of solid state lighting devices, including coloured LEDs.
  • 2-74 Goniospectroradiometry of optical radiation sources
  • 2-75 Photometry of curved and flexible OLED and LED sources
  • 2-76 Characterization of AC-driven LED products for SSL applications
  • 2-77 Fundamental Concepts
  • 2-78 The Goniophotometry of Lamps and Luminaires
  • 2-79 Integrating sphere photometry and spectroradiometry
  • 2-80 Spectroradiometric measurement of light sources
  • 2-81 Update of CIE 065:1985 (Absolute Radiometers)
  • 2-82 Revision of CIE S014-2
  • 2-83 CIE Standard on test methods for OLED light sources
  • 2-84 Recommendations on LED package test data reporting
  • 2-85 Recommendation on the geometrical parameters for the measurement of the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)
  • 2-86 Glare Measurement by Imaging Luminance Measurement Device (ILMD)
  • 2-87 Broadband UV LED radiometric measurements between 320 nm and 420 nm
  • 2-88 Standard Reference Solar Spectra for Industrial Applications
  • 2-89 Measurement of Temporal Light Modulation of Light Sources and Lighting Systems
  • 2-90 LED Reference Spectrum for Photometer Calibration
  • 2-91 Optical Measurement Methods of LED Packages and LED Arrays
  • 2-92 International Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Optical Data
  • JTC 02 (CIE-CCPR) Principles Governing Photometry
  • JTC 09 (D1/D2/D3/D6) CIE system for Metrology of ipRGC influenced light response
  • JTC 12 (D1/D2/D8) The measurement of sparkle and graininess 
  • JTC 17 (D1/D2/D8) Gloss measurement and gloss perception: A framework for the definition and standardization of visual cues to gloss


    Los "Reporters" son expertos que la División ha designado para que informen sobre asuntos de interés. Generalmente los reporters son el paso previo a establecer un comité técnico y dan idea de los temas candentes o de actualidad que todavía no han sido asumidos por la División para elaborar un documento técnico, pero podrían tener interés o impacto.

    • DR 2-60 Report of the discussions on the definition of Luminance/ Radiance. Teresa Goodman (UK)
    • DR 2-64 Review of Draft TC 2-28 in preparation of archiving it as D2 internal report. Edwin Mofokeng (ZAF)
    • DR 2-69 TN on the validation of a near-field goniophotometer in support of CIE S 025. Johannes Ledig (DE)
    • DR 2-70 Guide for the Field Photometric Measurements for the Verification of Lighting Systems. Roman Dubnicka (SK)
    • DR 2-75 TN on the use os “Accuracy” and related terms in the specifications of testing and measuremnt equipmet. Tony Bergen (AU)
    • DR 2-76 TN on measurement uncertaintles for testing of LED Lamps, Luminaires and Modules.  Udo Krüger (DE)
    • DR 2-77 Measurement of Quantities Relating to Photobiological Safety of Lighting Products. Tongsheng Mou (PRC)
    • DR 2-78 Investigation of the need for documentary guidance relating to 0º:d (d:0º). Annette Koo (AU)
    • DR 2-79 Measurement of total transmittance, diffuse Transmittance, and transmittance haze. Hsueh-Ling Yu (TW)
    • DR 2-80 Metrology of laser-based Lighting. Anders Thorseth (DK)
    • DR 2-81 Flash effective intensity calculation. Dennis Couzin (DE)
    • DR 2-82 TN on clarification of the difference between adjustment, calibration and verification. Tony Bergen (AU)

    Division Publications

    Las cuatro últimas publicaciones son del 2017 y 2018:

    Event & News

    • Division 2 Annual Meeting 2018
      June 12, 2018 to June 15, 2018, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    • November 5, 2018 to November 7, 2018, VNISI, Moscow
      CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on CIE S 025
      CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on CIE S 025: LED lamps, LED luminaires and LED
    • December 7, 2018
      Looking for visual data for sparkle and graininess
      The CIE Joint Technical Committee JTC 12 (D1/D2/D8) “The measurement of sparkle and graininess” is discussing the definition of the measurement scales of sparkle and graininess. For this purpose, it is collecting visual data, which can be used for scaling or for devising texture difference formulae. Please, if you have obtained or you are planning to obtain visual data of sparkle and graininess and are willing to share them, or if you want to collaborate in the development of the measurement scales of sparkle and graininess, contact to the JTC 12 Chair, Alejandro Ferrero (ES)
    • La próxima reunión prevista de la División 2 será en Junio-2019 coincidiendo con el meeting general de la CIE (CIE Session) que tendrá lugar en Washington (USA).

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