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Call for Experts for CIE Technical Committees and Research Forum

In case you would like to contribute to one of the Committees and Research Forums, please revert directly via email to the (J)TC Chair.

TC 2-92: International Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminare Optical Data

The purpose of this TC is to provide an internationally agreed-upon data exchange format supporting most lighting applications, including colour-changing and horticultural luminaires. The new data exchange format will be defined in terms of the W3C Extensible Markup Language XML Schema 1.0 Fifth Edition, and be compatible with the ANSI/IES TM33 and UNI 1603054.

Chair: Ian Ashdown

TC 4-58: Obtrusive Light from Colourful and Dynamic Lighting and its Limitation

The purpose of this TC is to provide guidelines for the implementation and usage of colourful and dynamic lighting in outdoor applications aiming at limitation of obtrusive light with respect to astronomical observations, humans and night-time environment. In addition, this TC aims to develop metrics for obtrusive light from colourful and dynamic lighting systems and to propose suitable methods for limitation or prevention of obtrusive light from such systems

Chair: Steve Lau

TC 4-59: Guide for Lighting Urban Elements

The purpose of this TC is to revise and update the publication CIE 94:1993 ‘Guide for floodlighting’, introducing additional and updated information on the importance of lighting urban elements and the techniques and technology available for this lighting task. In addition, this TC aims to extend the decorative/aesthetical focused guidelines by technical practice and research based recommendations on other issues such as economic, functional, environmental and urbanistic aspects and to consider the particular case of cultural heritage in order to contribute to its preservation.

Chair: Diana del Negro

JTC 14: (CIE-ISO) Integrative Lighting

The purpose of this JTC is to undertake an analysis of published scientific studies and review experience from published application studies on non-visual effects of light on humans, with the aim to provide guidance for safe and beneficial use in lighting applications beyond illumination for vision.

Chair: John O'Hagan

JTC 15: (CIE-ISO) Lighting of Indoor Workplaces  

The purpose of this JTC is to revise ISO/CIE 8995-1 in response to its systematic review.

Chair: Etsuko Mochizuki

JTC 16 (D1/D8): Validity of Chromatic Adaptation 

The purpose of this JTC is to review the existing CATs and propose modifications by including a two-step transform to take the effect of white light chromaticity on degree of chromatic adaptation into consideration.

Chair: Minchen (Tommy) Wei

JTC 17 (D1/D2/D8): Gloss measurement and gloss percetion: A framework for the definition and standardization of visual cues to gloss 

The purpose of this JTC is to describe recommendations for standardised visual assessment conditions of individual, established cues to gloss, to make reommendations for the definition of a standard gloss observer for individual diagnostic cues and, based on the findings from the above, to suggest optical met hods and metrics for describing gloss in correlation with the established gloss cues.

Chair: Frederic Leloup

RF - 01: Spectral Imaging

The purpose of this Research Forum is to discuss the future prospect of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging technology and identify the work items to be performed in the next step. This RF is open to all individuals with interest and expertise in this topic.

Chair: Masahiro Yamaguchi