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CIE Division Directors 2019-2023

Know more about the CIE Division Directors for the period 2019-2023.

YOUNGSHIN KWAK – Division 1 Director
Youngshin Kwak received B.S. (physics) and M.S. (physics) degrees in 1995 and 1997 from Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea. After completing her PhD studies at the Colour & Imaging Institute, University of Derby, UK, in July 2003, she worked for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, South Korea. Since February 2009, she has been working as a professor at the School of Design and Human Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea. Her main research interests include the colour appearance modelling, visual appearance, and the quality of 2D/3D images and lighting.
The fast development of new types of displays and the lighting requires better understanding of human visual perception. With this in mind, Dr Kwak’s main concern is for CIE Division 1 to reach out to globally active experts and academic societies in order to encourage participation in CIE activities that meet academic and industrial demand. In order to accomplish this goal, she has set out to increase awareness and understanding among experts of the process of joining CIE work.

TONY BERGEN – Division 2 Director
Tony Bergen graduated from RMIT University, Australia, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Applied Physics. With over 20 years’ experience of working in the field of photometry and radiometry, Tony Bergen is a recognized world expert in goniophotometry, spectroradiometry, laboratory practice and measurement uncertainty.
Apart from working for two interrelated companies within testing, measurement and calibration, he is also active in the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), Standards Australia and the Metrology Society of Australasia.
Tony Bergen has a long experience in CIE, presently serving as CIE Division 2 Secretary, Australian Division 2 Member, President of CIE Australia and Chair of TC 2-77 with the goal of facilitating collaboration and sharing of ideas on fundamental concepts in photometry, radiometry and colorimetry, and TC 2-78 on “Goniophotometry of Lamps and Luminaires”.
Having actively contributed to the works of Division 2 since 2007 and given his many-sided expertise, Tony Bergen feels he is well-equipped to guide its course in the years to come. Moreover, as the first non-NMI nominee to lead Division 2, he hopes to bring a different
perspective to the Division.

PETER THORNS – División 3 Director
A BSc (Hons) graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Peter Thorns has substantial experience in electronics research and development, developing test equipment for electronics manufacturing, developing technical modelling and simulation software, optical design, and managing and maintaining laboratory photometric equipment.
Peter Thorns is currently Head of Strategic Lighting Applications for Thorn Lighting, CIE Division 3 Editor, Liaison Officer to CIE for ISO/TC 274 and member of CIE JTC 8 on “Terminology in Light and Lighting”. He also supports the Zumtobel Group Global Training Academy, and he is a member of the editorial board of the Lighting Research and Technology academic journal.
Peter Thorns has the aim to contribute to a better understanding of employer views on the value of CIE and its work, to strengthen the leadership of CIE to provide the underlying fundamentals and expert input in a time of increasing change, and expedite work within Division 3 towards the overall CIE research strategy that was published in 2016.

DIONYZ GASPAROVSKY – Division 4 Director
Dr Dionyz Gasparovsky is Associate Professor at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava where he is lecturer, researcher and supervisor to PhD students of lighting technology. His main research interests lie with road lighting, smart lighting, and energy performance of lighting systems and lighting applications. As as researcher he has authored and coauthored many peer-reviewed publications.
With long-standing technical experience in auditing, designing and measurement of lighting systems, Dr Gasparovsky is currently serving as Chair of CIE JTC 13 on “Depreciation and Maintenance of Lighting Systems” and contributing to the work of many other CIE Technical Committees, including TC 4-58 on “Obtrusive Light from Colourful and Dynamic Lighting and its Limitation” and TC 4-59 on “Lighting Urban Elements”. He is also active in the standardization committees CEN/TC169 and ISO/TC274 on light and lighting.
Looking to the future of CIE Division 4, Dr Gasparovsky aims to raise awareness of problems of outdoor lighting and drive and support the development of international standards in the field.

LUC SCHLANGEN – Division 6 Director
Luc Schlangen has earned his PhD from Wageningen University in 1995, after which he joined Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven. His initial work focused on material science for displays, E-paper and skin care. In 2005 he joined the Philips Lighting headquarters to work on: (i) visual and non-visual responses to light, (ii) their impact on human health, performance and well-being, (iii) how to translate these responses into innovative lighting applications and strategies in health/elderly care, education, homes and workplaces. At present, Dr Schlangen is working in the Signify Lighting Applications research group and actively contributing to various standardization activities within CEN, DIN, CIE and ISO.

Currently serving as Dutch representative of CIE Division 6 “Photobiology and Photochemistry” and chair of CIE JTC9, which prepared S 026, his vision as the newly appointed Division 6 Director for CIE is to further strengthen the synergy and collaboration between divisions while also reaching out towards international standardization bodies.
Furthermore, Dr Schlangen aims to expand the understanding of photobiological and photochemical responses and how to capitalize on this knowledge for a better quality of life and a healthier planet.

PO-CHIEH HUNG – Division 8 Director
Po-Chieh Hung has earned his PhD in Image Science from the Chiba University, Japan, in 1991. Dr Hung has previously worked for Konica Minolta in the digital imaging field and led R&D teams of image processing and network systems. He has also been involved in the development of colour management theory and software for cameras, scanners, hard copy and soft copy devices.
Currently working as colour scientist for Apple, Inc. and visiting lecturer of Image Analysis at Chiba University, Dr Hung has authored over 70 published papers and 11 published books. In addition, he holds 94 international patents. His achievements have been credited with the Invention Award from the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation in 2010, the Best Presentation Award at Colour Forum Japan in 2001, and the Best Paper Award from the Society of Photography in Japan in 1993 and 1994, respectively.
As Director of CIE Division 8, Chair of TC 1-89 on “Enhancement of Images for Colour Defective Observers”, and former CIE Secretary, Dr Hung is devoted to easing CIE entry for newcomers via reporterships, strengthening interdisciplinary communication and collaboration and allowing for a wider and more rigorous discussion on CIE publications with full consensus.